Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dxpeditions, W9DXCC and New Software

So tomorrow is W9DXCC.  This will be my first ever attendance.  I have signed up to go to the DX Basics class.  From the looks of it, should be interesting.  I am always looking for an edge with my contesting and dxing. 

I hear a lot of local call signs in the pile ups and they are getting through to the dx stations way before I do.  Could be equipment could be luck or (most likely) could be skill.  My CW Skimmer usage has certainly helped with the CW pileups and I am usually within 10 calls of talking to the DX when I sit down to work them.  I have been spending more time with the propagation charts of late and I know that I have been able to utilize my time better on the air because of it.  I have been working NH8S over the past few days.  As of right now I have 10 slots worked, mostly on CW.  I really have not spent a lot of time trying.  I have, however, spent a lot of time sitting in front of the radio listening.  I have been told that listening is the key.  So I will continue reading, and listening, and learning.

I just downloaded CMSK63.  I am planning on playing with it very soon.  I will be doing my first write up on it after I am comfortable with it.  I know it is still in beta but the first issue I see with it is use of the default sound card only.  On the Flex 5K I have VAC's that will need to be defined as the default sound card each time I use the program.  More on that at a later date.

I have also been working with SARTRACK.  I have been doing some testing of the AWGPE multi port capability with the author.  Folks, the maps in this program are awesome.  The author has done a fantastic job and is continuing to improve it.

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